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Vorwort zum Workshop an der Theaterakdemie August Everding München. 2000

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March 21, 2007

Festsaal Vienna, Austria


Henrik Eger, English-German interpreter for Ukrainian director and American actors


I interpreted from German into English for the workshop “Role Analysis through Action,” taught by Moisej Bazijan, former Artistic Director of the Jewish Theatre of Lemberg, Ukraine, now Munich, Germany. Within a short period of time, he taught the participating American actors a kind of “Stanislavsky plus” method—training them to use this technique to generate actions for their characters while performing a scene from Anton Chekhov’s Seagull.


Bazijan then introduced the actors to a passage from Zilinski ist tot(Zilinski is dead) by Franz Monone of Germany’s most avant-garde authors. The acting by the young Jewish-American performers, rolling on the floor under a table, head to head, reciting Mon—was so persuasive that during those moments I actually thought my American friends had permanently and irrevocably transformed into Beckett characters on speed.